Paige Vidrine

I am the owner of Buffi's Peauxboys, one of Lake Charles' Top 20 Restaurants. I grew up being raised by two phenomenal entrepreneurs. If I wanted to spend time with my parents I had to go to work at their restaurant, Steamboat Bills. They created one of the most successful locally owned restaurants in the South. That didnt leave much time for family, but it taught me how to work and how to believe in the entrepreneurship spirit. 

When I got lonely I retreated to the page and learned to self sooth through writing. As I got older, I was desperate to figure life out so I dove deep into religion and studied my Bible every single day. I was certain at some point I was going to be Paula White, an explosive cross over preacher. 

I graduated top of my class in High School receiving the most prestigious awards. Then I went on to study at Baylor University. Throughout college I wrote short stories and plays that were featured in most of the creative writing courses that I took. 

My dad abandoned the family when I was 16, leaving me confused and lost. I searched for wholeness and had a hard time finding it. I later gave into the depth of my loneliness by getting into an abusive relationship. I left the relationship and college with 2 children, a published short story inspired by the paranoia I witnessed and no degree. 

I was depressed and suffering from PTSD from the trauma. I had to figure out how to make money and I didn't have a clue what to do. So, I dug into self help and self education. I began a self healing journey that turned into my life's passion in helping women heal from all of life's traumas. 

There was no easy route. I created my life through mindfulness practices, health & fitness, manifestation and hard work. I jumped at opportunities and didn't shy away from the work that came along with it. I worked multiple jobs at a time, writing for magazines and national blogs on the side. 

I learned practical ways to develop valuable skill sets and to make a living through self taught marketing expertise. I mashed my life experiences and my skill sets to create the life I want. 

I took over multiple failing businesses and used technology to make them profitable. I used the same technology to leverage a real estate career. I started sharing my story in 2015. Since then I have helped women chase their passions and inspired many others to create a life they love. 

I wrote my first children's book, Hannah From Louisiana, Adventures At Steamboat Bills, to commemorate my experiences growing up in the restaurant industry. 

I also work with my young daughter in creating her writing career. 

I live an inspired life, full of passion and purpose.

I'm here to teach you how to do it to!